Sep 04, 2021

Seeing God. Seeing Jesus.

1 Colossians 1:15Jesus is the visible of the invisible God. God the Father is divine and we as humans cannot see the divine. Only through Jesus, God becoming human, can the earthly begin to connect with the divine. For us to see God the Father we must become one with Jesus.Jesus is the entry point for us to be divine. To enter into the relationship of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So for us to see God we only need to turn to Jesus and follow Jesus. To truly see Jesus is to have... more

Sep 03, 2021

Leaving Everything for Jesus

Luke 5:11At what point are we all in on Jesus Christ? When do we grasp God’s presence in our life boat? Have we reached the point of focusing entirely on Jesus and leaving everything else behind?Sometimes this may be a long process. We may still want to hold on to our bad behaviors. Or we may go back to our sinful habits after dropping them for a while. The important thing is that we continue following Jesus and asking for forgiveness and strength to do God's will. Only by... more

Sep 01, 2021

Expanding the Church

Luke 4:38After gathering for God in the synagogue, Jesus entered Simon Peter’s house where others gathered for God as well. Here the followers of God came together to pray for a fellow family member who was sick.A family member of Peter’s household was severely sick to the point that she must've not been able to attend church or even ask God for help. So instead, her family brought church to her and even prayed on her behalf. Do we do the same for our church family... more

Sep 01, 2021

Living for Jesus

1 Thessalonians 5:10Jesus died so that we may live with him. God’s love sought union with us even if it meant death for Jesus. Do we then choose life with God or death by ourselves?God loves us and is proven by God's sacrifice. What are we willing to sacrifice to love God back? Can we give up our selfish priorities? Can we at least give up our time for God daily?We can begin by just understanding what God did and is doing to call us back to God. A God who seeks to save us from... more

Aug 31, 2021

God Speaks

Luke 4:20Jesus speaks to us through Scripture. If we’re paying close attention Jesus is revealed in the Old Testament. It is surprising to hear the truth spoken by Jesus and we are left focused on what we just witnessed. However, we too can be unable to receive Jesus’ message. Upon hearing the truth we may not want to believe it because it would mean we need to change our current ways. Our eyes are on Jesus but for the wrong reasons.We may begin to question what Jesus said. We may... more

Aug 28, 2021

God’s Will

1 Thessalonians 4:3Holiness means to be set apart for God. Whereas other things are meant for the world or personal interests, holy things are only for God. Holy is Godly. Everything else isn’t. God's will is for us to be holy. For us to be holy means we are to be focused on God. Our mindsets and hearts are to be loving as God is loving. Not to be concerned with our desires but on God and others.When we dedicate our lives to God's will, we are living a holy life. We are entering... more

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