Matthew 8:34

Jesus arrived and expelled the evil present in a town which made the people gather to Jesus. Yet, instead of communing with God the crowd were asking Jesus to leave. This may seem nonsensical but it happens all too often.

Jesus comes to us to rid us of our shortcomings. Through our conscience, others advising us, or scripture Jesus is present to rid us of our bad habits. But instead of being grateful we are upset for being drawn away from our evil past.

As a Christian community, we can also gather in the name of Christ yet run Jesus away. Whenever we come to Mass but don’t participate. Or at a church event if we are unwelcoming to new members.

When two or more are gathered in the name of Jesus are we inviting God in? Are we attentive to God’s word? Or is our lack of attention and act of hostility driving Jesus away?

Can we reflect on the times we pushed God away today? Most especially when we supposedly did in the name of God. Let us practice on giving Jesus our time and attention today making sure we are driving God away.