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I'm Gaurav Gahlot, a Software Engineer from India. A life long learner, passionate about technology and a buddying YouTuber.

I'm the creator of:

    - Tinkerbell Dashboard

I'm also a maintainer/contributor to:

    - Tink (CNCF Sandbox) - a bare metal provisioning engine

    - Fission - a K8s native servless framework

    - Falcosidekick - connects Falco to your ecosystem

I enjoy being in the community, and sharing my learnings via:

    - YouTube

    - Blog

    - C# Corner

I can help you with:

    - 1:1 career coaching and mentorship sessions

    - Personalised resume review and suggestions to improve

    - Content creation

I love coffee and you can support me by buying me one or more coffee, if:

    - You like my content and wish to support me, or

    - You want to schedule a 1:1 mentorship session with me to seek help on any of the areas mentioned above

    - You'll also get a special feature on my Twitter profile if you support me on this platform. 💛

Gaurav Gahlot

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