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How did we get here? Or what are they hi ...

How did we get here? Or what are they hidding?

Nov 15, 2022

By now, you must wonder how did we get here? Why is Russia and the Soviet Union before it, engaged in such a deep disinformation effort? What is this effort hiding, and why would a country spend so much resources on this.

It all goes back to the coup initiated by Lenin's bolsheviks against the other socialist factions in congress, and the efforts to cover that up. The coup was covered up with lies, and these lies needed some backing, so an entire state structure was built, charged with making the world fit the lie. 

Slowly this structure became so involved in all aspects of life, that nobody could tell anymore where the truth begins and the lie ends. 

In this study we are looking at the very foundations of the Lie as State power.

Glorious revolution or illegitimate coup? Busting the myth of Red October

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