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Jun 13, 2022


Good Morning — And An Update

by Gustave Deresse

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

Good morning,
good day,
what more should

Your sleep, it 

How did you

The world
is dark,
I shan’t make 

my flame;
thank existence for 

It means you
are here.

I wanted to write a good morning poem, when I became self-conscious about the current state of the world. There’s so much chaos.

There are so many people in pain.

I don’t intend to deny their existence, or to minimize their suffering.

One goal I have is to uplift those with privilege and the ability to lend their support, to encourage all to do their part. My present power of influence is low, but I can improve it by reaching others.

I’ve struggled just to take care of myself; if it weren’t for my family, I don’t know where I’d be now.

I’m grateful for the support I have, and don’t feel I’ve done enough to give back.

Obviously, this poem isn’t reparations for that. But I wanted to publish it, and hope there’s a positive effect.

As you can see, my confidence is down.

Ever since I quit my cook job at the end of April, I’ve been making only slight progress towards my goal of working online. Every writing or marketing job I come by feels above me.

I haven’t applied to anything.

It’s frustrating.

In college, I got 98% in technical writing by handing in projects I deemed incomplete. Why do all the technical writing jobs appear impossible for me to handle?

I’ve studied people, marketing and the latest neuropsychology for the last four years, from over twenty books, Brain Academy, the legendary folks at Boardroom, having even bought surprisingly great — if not sometimes ethically questionable — materials from Jason Capital — I’ll tell you all about that eventually.

Maybe I made a mistake by working in kitchens for five years after college. But I had no interest in IT work.

It ages you.

I knew I should have taken programming over networks and administration, those classes were where I excelled the most, and I enjoyed it. Doesn’t matter now, I swore off everything tech to focus on people and writing.

Odd, how long it took me to get even this far.

My original priorities were to practice writing and being productive by creating a base of content on Medium

I’ve achieved this, and I’m proud.

Five years ago, I wouldn’t have seen my current stage as certainly being possible.

I guess the process isn’t supposed to be easy.

My bank account is running low, and I’ll soon be considering another restaurant.

It’s work I enjoy, I’m good at it and owners always let me get away with anything, but it doesn’t pay the bills.

This is where I stopped it. I removed everything after "a positive effect" before publishing the rest on Medium.

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