Good day,

consider the following scene —

I love how much there is to say here.



Where do I begin?

You'd think somewhere between birth and the occurrence of the following events would make the most sense, but then how would I explain anything that relates to our primal past, or further still, the emergence of the cosmos?



We'll figure it out as we go.

Let's take a closer look at the various elements of the image —


They've conquered the night; my city is practically unsafe. And I love it! I count them every time I walk home from work, the record is twelve skunks over a two and a half hour walk.

I've had a couple of close calls.

Lessons Learned

1- If a skunk is on guard and pivoting to face you as you walk by, DO NOT STOP AND STARE.

I was at least fifteen feet away, and it chased me.

What are you supposed to do against a skunk??I would never kick an animal like that, nor do I want to get that close to their pisser in the first place! So I ran away, not another second wasted.

2 - Don't lose complete touch with your surroundings.

I really needed to relieve myself the other night, so, as I do, I found a wooded ditch hidden from the sight of drivers on the road behind me. It had to be almost one in the morning anyway, so no one was really out.

Well, I shouldn't have stopped paying attention to my environment, because just as I was about to whip 'it' out, I noticed the motion of a white streak directly beside me.

I could almost have reached out and touched its nose.

That is WAY too close.

I'd be shocked it hadn't attacked me yet, easily more than five long seconds after it should have, but then I have an interesting relationship with many animals.

I don't tend to put off any predatory energies.

I've even learned not to get excited, lest they be confused.

But did I get away?!

I did.


And it was hilarious!