Buy GDBypass a bandwidth


Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!

What is GDBypass?

GDBypass is a free google drive files  online tool that respect users privacy. There is no limit, everything is free and without ads.

Why i made GDBypass?

Thousands of peoples suffer from always got a limited google drive link due to bandwidth restrictions and i am one of them. Plus many peoples want to share their own file anonymously and google drive wouldn't let them do that.

And for the above 2 reasons i decide to make my work around these problem by making GDBypass..

Operating Costs 

The infrastructure costs for GDBypass is very high.

I have to pay dozens of servers, dozens of terabytes of data, a bandwidth capacity of several dozen GBPS. I pay these costs on my own, which is why I need all the help from the community to make this infrastructure more stable and powerful.

Every cents will help me expand my service to let it last longer.

Thank you for your donations.

My love.