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Hi there, I'm the Landlord blogger.

With your help, I stay awake long enough to type, with the objective of sharing my useful and useless thoughts on Landlord life.

I try to help others as much as possible. Sometimes I'm successful.

If you like my content or if you've been one the successes, you may want to coffee me up. Or not.

Either way, thank you. It means a lot to me. And so does coffee.

Love & peace xo

Roland Moore bought 3 coffees.

I find your info invaluable and style so refreshing - love it and many thanks for the last blog re: our giving gov't (for all but landlords :( ) - stay well yourself

Thanks Roland, it's really appreciated! Pleased to hear my ramblings have been useful. Best wishes!

Alex Brodrip bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for the information you provide for a small time landlord like myself which is delivered in a simple yet witty way that is both helpful and Have to admit sometimes leads to my slightly ageing weak bladder failing a tiny bit with the laughs your language induces.

Hah, thanks Alex. Although, I have mixed feelings about the idea of you uncontrollably peeing! Thanks a lot for the coffees, really appreciated. Stay healthy!

PM bought a coffee.

Thanks dude: read your eBook one evening (as I felt I was going to become a cashflow provider for a lucky letting agent) and decided to change our approach for renting our property. The read was highly informative and the information given by the website helped me becoming an independent landlord in a couple of weeks. I particularly appreciated the explanation of the legal requirements which were far less complicated than anticipated. A well deserved coffee obviously!

You're very welcome! I'm excited to hear that you decided to bite the bullet by self-managing. Many thanks for the hit of caffeine, it's definitely going to come in useful today! Best of luck.

@drrossbarden bought a coffee.

Informative, funny, and extremly useful blog.  

Many thanks, really appreciate it!!! :)

Edwina bought a coffee.

Hello, love the blog. I stumbled into the independent landlord game in 2002, so like you, probably seen it all... The two times it went spectacularly wrong was when I didn't eyeball the prospective tenant (once when using a local agent - never again). So, instincts... I think mine are pretty good - my concern is it's only a hop, skip and a jump from 'forcing' us to take pets, to insisting we reference check (at our own expense) the first numpty who says they want our property...?  like my dad used to say, 'there's no such word as fair'. Enjoy the coffee x

Edwina!!! Many thanks for the coffee, I definitely will enjoy it! Ahh, the daily grind of being a landlord. We're all in it together, facing the same concerns. Sigh. Dad sounds like a very wise man! xo