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Hi there, I'm the Landlord blogger.

With your help, I stay awake long enough to type, with the objective of sharing my useful and useless thoughts on Landlord life.

I try to help others as much as possible. Sometimes I'm successful.

If you like my content or if you've been one the successes, you may want to coffee me up. Or not.

Either way, thank you. It means a lot to me. And so does coffee.

Love & peace xo

Kim bought 3 coffees.

Read many of your blogs and New Landlord guide is fantastic, definitely worth 3 coffees. Your style and humour is very refreshing. 

Thanks Kim, really appreciate it - super generous of you! I'm even more glad you found my guide useful, though!

Someone bought a coffee.

Well done !

Thank you, appreciate it :)

Pam bought a coffee.

Thanks for your really helpful info on selling our house (online, hybrid or private) Very informative xxx

Thanks Pam, really appreciate it. Glad to hear you found it useful x

Val Brewster bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for the 3 coffees, Val! Amazing stuff!

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