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Sarah's Life: Reimagined - Update

Jan 10, 2023

I'm still plugging along although the next few months are going to be slower than normal. I am a tax preparer in the US and the next few months are going to be busy.

Regardless, I am at 15 days completed script wise. There are a ton of paths and options so I have to basically do two or three versions of the same day. This is not a regular occurrence but days 10-15 have been complicated.

The image above is actually one of my favorites. I know there are some clipping errors thanks to the horrible hair asset, but this is the point where she hears some news that will change her life. She has no idea what's in store, but she knows this is the beginning of the end of her life as she knows it. Things will never be the same for Sarah and this is the point where it all changes.

As far as her hair is concerned, I kept it this way as this is the assets used in the original, but this is also the last scene with this particular asset. She goes to get her hair done after this and am able to change out the hair.

Anyway, hope everyone had a Happy New Year!

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