These are 5 questions that came in to my DMs on Instagram.

1) Are you sponsored by Tackleworld Port Lincoln or Yeti?

Most of my Yeti products have came from Port Lincoln and Alicia helped and assisted me when I was chasing items in the King Crab Orange, Alicia was the most professional and the quickest to respond to me and assist me with those products, I recommend the companies that support me with excellent services, prices. I am a fan of YETI, not sponsored by Yeti, Tackleworld or Tackleworld Port Lincoln.

2) Is the OM5 overkill for a phone?

I don't really know what you mean, if the question is do you need a gimbal for a phone, then I think YES depending on the content you want to shoot with me personally I aim to shoot a lot of content on my smartphone most of the time cause in my sling bag, I would have the OM5 and a smartphone on the bars, but that's me, I think it depends on your use cases to be honest with you. I don't think it's over kill based on the AUSTRALIAN market and value it's definitely on the higher end.

3) Do Yeti's Work?

Someone actually asked me that yesterday, if I didn't believe in the product I wouldn't be recommending it and that's just how I roll everyone's mileage will be different to mine and that's just life. I love using the Colster for cans, I like to have a cold soft drink with my evening meal - and I use the Colster to keep the can COLD on my desk and it means the can remains stable and I don't have to worry about knocking it over which is another bonus. The Ramblers work great for commuting every day where you need access to a cold drop of water, preach it there's nothing worse than warm water. So long story short, YES the Yeti's work!

4) What tripod do you travel with?

I don't normally travel with a tripod at the moment - but my travel tripod would be a MeFoto Roadtrip S in Blue Carbon Fibre with the stock head, plus a Manfrotto Pixi and for additional flexibility I would add the 1K Joby Kit.

5) What's your bag of choice? Did you Ditch Crumpler? Did you Ditch Melbourne?

Okay I am going to answer this in reverse - I didn't ditch the Melbourne Compact by Bellroy, the Compact bag by Bellroy is a awesome bag and it definitely has all the right traits in a compact bag however some times it's just nice to have something bigger, I didn't ditch the compact but the compact life isn't always for me. I definitely didn't ditch Crumpler - I love crumpler bags and I have to be honest, Crumpler will always have a home in my heart from the first ever crumpler I got many years back to last one I brought I just haven't seen anything that took my fancy of late. Currently I am rocking the Boundary Supply Rennen 22LT Daypack and this bag is ideal for me currently and very spacious and even allows for me to use my 36oz Yeti.

These are the top 5 questions I am asked :)