Pro 2 Controller - SWITCH.

I have been using the 8BitDo controllers for quite a while either it's been their flat kind of controller for your platforming games and Pac-Man style games or the Pro Controller, I picked up the Pro 2 pretty soon after launch and with the Pro 2 controller by 8BitDo I actually prefer this Pro Controller over the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

I sold my switch pro controller to keep using the 8BITDO controller and that's for very good reasons to be honest, I like a slimmer controller like the Pro 2.

The two buttons on the back of the controller can be mapped to various commands which is handy for some games like you could map it for nitro or bonuses or something depending on the game however I have not being using the back buttons to be honest and I always seem to forget they are there.

I also forget to map the buttons and don't use the paddles at all to be honest. You can also store 3 custom profiles within the Pro 2 controller. However that's something I also don't use.

I guess you could see that the PRO 2 controller looks a lot like a PS4 controller which might be extremely good if you're a PS4 player but I just overall like the feels of the buttons and the response time and there's no lag, I love the battery life on the controller as well.

Conclusion: The Quality of the controller is well built, the buttons feel great and are responsive and the D Pad feels excellent to be honest, the sticks feel good and pairing is simple, battery life is great and the pricing is good, it charges by USB C and one of the only down side is there's a lack of colours and variety in the 8BitDo controllers but the same can be said for the genuine Nintendo one too.