I am definitely not sponsored by Bellroy but the amount of stuff I have copped over the last few weeks of Bellroy I should definitely be getting those checks in the mail lol.

So Bellroy a couple of weeks dropped there new market tote and it's perfect for hitting that farmers market, grocery shopping, hitting the park for a jam session with you're favourite synth and so much more, this is really a chuck it all in tote and hope for the best and so far I haven't been disappointed for those of you who follow me over on DJ NATDOG Echuca on Instagram you will know that I have been using my daily bag as a Mono Bag FlyBy and that's a extremely awesome bag to be honest and you definitely can't fault this bag but in the bag of the bag tucked away waiting for it's time to shine is my Ranger Green Market Tote.

There's nothing this market tote can't handle, like even on a recent trip to Melbourne I kept the market tote in the back of my EDC Bag which is the Mono FlyBy and I knew if I needed space in the bag, I have the market tote to handle what ever shopping I may do and need to do.

I like knowing that I have the market tote at the ready but I know how well Bellroy are made and I know they withstand the test of time because I have been rocking their notebook cover mini for like 3+ years and that's held up for a extremely long.

This market tote is definitely a chuck it all in bag and hope for the best and I like that style of bag in a tote bag or a shopping bag this is easily compact enough to fit in my back pocket to take on a walk to the shops and that's amazing and that's a definite plus in my mind.

I wouldn't actually mind picking up the smoke blue tote when it drops I hope Milligram will range that one in store and if they do then they can Shut up and take my money again, Bellroy has so many great products and they simplify our life.

So please do check out the Bellroy Market Tote cause it's an amazing EDC spare bag.