Okay it must be said that I use to be the tech head that could easily pack out the Peak Design Tech Pouch and have no regrets but recently I have been looking at minimising my load out for those of you who play games like Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Breakpoint you will understand and know straight away what I mean by load out.

So I was travelling to my girlfriends and I have actually loaded a tech kit by Bellroy up that will remain at my girlfriends so if I go from Echuca direct to Bendigo I shouldn't need any additional tech depending on the circumstances.

So as a additional smaller tech kit like a in case of emergencies between the time it takes me to get to Bendigo or something I think the compact is a really nice mix of not too big but also not too small I am sure there's plenty of smaller tech kits out there in the world to be honest or even other solutions that could be modified as a tech kit :)

It goes without saying that I picked up the Marine Blue in the tech kit compact to match my larger kit and that's just a fact of life.

I think with the right loading and the right tech, that the compact could be the perfect tech kit, does that mean I will my Peak Design or my large bellroy tech kit? Nope, Nup, Never. It is kind of it the thing it fits a purpose right now but will it fit a purpose in the future who knows so I don't wanna say I will pass it on to someone else I would keep them I think they both have there desired needs and for that I value them all individually for that purpose.

I think this size is functional but do I think most people need both? No I don't I think you need both if you have enough tech on the EDC that you need to carry both then maybe you should be turning your heads over to the Tech Pouch by Peak Design so that might be functional for you.

I will be posting various loadouts on Instagram of the tech kit compact, but I think it also needs to be said that the tech kit compact is not for a lot of people with lots of tech but it has it's niche market and for that it excels and exceeds in minimalist. So please make sure you're following us on Instagram to see our different loadouts.