So I got asked the other day what I carry in the Bellroy Venture Sling when I am out riding - I have the Bronze colourway.

We will start with the front pocket - In the front pocket you're going to find my AirPod Pro's which serve as back up earphones incase the Bose Sport Buds dies, you will find the case for the Bose Sport buds in the front pocket as well then you will find my OG 2nd oldest wallet the Bellroy Card Pocket the micro fibre bag for my Oakley jawbreakers.

In back pocket you will find find my Tactica Bike Tool, Memobottle Slim with Mandarin Sleeve.

It's a very lightweight bag with a lightweight load out with the heaviest thing in the bag having to be a the bottle of water, the Memobottle only serves as a backup bottle to refill my Hydraflask when it gets low.