Bose says F*CK U...

Bose says F*CK U...

Oct 20, 2023

Bose has said basically F*CK you in a release of the new Buds, but they have also screwed every one else at the same time, Bose's new Ultra buds definitely don't feel ultra to me, and I don't even own these.

Most people would know that I have a passion for audio and I appreciate this and love a good feature set when it comes to buds and yes I say this as I sit hear typing this on my Microsoft surface while sitting on a train using my Apple Airpods 3rd generation.

The ultra's aren't really equipped with a high feature set that makes me go WOW - it seems like the better draw cards for these are the improved call quality which for the most part I have never had a issue with, as I said for the most part, and the streamlined design - I don't mind how the earbuds II look to be honest with you so design isn't a issue here either, but codecs support that has been additionally added is a good win.

People are assuming that the Ultra's are replacing the earbuds II, but I am not seeing any signs of these Buds II being quit line from any where, I think Bose will keep the Buds II around for a little while longer, it seems like the Ultra's didn't really solve any of the issues with the release of the ultra's but I have gotten lost and wandered off the beaten track just a little here.

Honestly for Bose to go around drop new buds right before the holiday season in 2023 and not have wireless charging that's basically like Bose saying F*CK U, the wireless charging for me is something I consider essential for any buds over $200 now. - however am not throwing shade on the Shokz as they appeal to a different market.

I think they aren't counting on wireless charging to mean as much to people as it does, but it is all about ease of use and wireless charging is now considered normal in this price space. Bose is counting on their brand name to do all the work in the sense of selling these buds and it definitely does lift a bit of weight but not enough in my humble opinion.

Conclusion: I don't see Bose coming out and dropping something with wireless charging as stock until the new year and I reckon it will be Quarter 3 or 4 of the 2024 year to be honest with you, and that's what I believe I could humbly be wrong, I think the Bose Quiet comfort Earbuds II are some really strong contenders and the best for audio, in my opinion I use them almost as much as my airpods, but I often forget to charge these where I don't for my airpods because I just place them on the wireless charger when I charge my phone and that makes it easier, I do prefer the clarity and the sound stage on the Bose Earbuds though over the Airpods, but once again that's how my ears are tuned and the sounds I perceive, and that will depend on every one and how there ears are tuned.

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