Okay I have had the Kadet Mini for a couple of weeks to be honest and it's been the main sling bag I have been slinging for when I have been going on rides and there's a few reasons, and we'll break them down in a mini.

The Kadet Mini has a volume of 5 Litres and I think I have touched on the layout of the bag in the past that it's not ideal for me with the way it's been laid out but that's okay not every bag can be perfect.

I have been using the Mini Kadet for the last few weeks and I have been using it as my daily ride sling for when I am heading bush, having something solid for a bush ride is essential you need to ensure you've got the essential tools on you for a ride.

Chrome Industries is possibly one of the most recognised cycling brands along side Australian Company Crumpler. Chrome Industries Kadet Mini is mighty small but mighty large on the same note don't let me confuse you guys about that though.

The Comfort for the Kadet Mini is on point with the board sling strap the additional Velcro webbing, the seat belt buckle like adjustments and all the comfort is on sleek and on point. You can tell that the Mini Kadet is built for the conditions and rugged life of some one blazing through the trails.

For me it's all about the quality and performance of the bag and the function many would know I used the Bellroy Venture Sling for a few weeks and I won't kid any one it's highly functional and highly fit for form but maybe not in the colour I opted for, for the type or adventures I do.

The Kadet Mini zips are of a high quality and easy to unzip even when you have your gloves on and that's definitely a bonus because it's rare for me not to go riding with out my gloves on, the gloves are a way to ensure a good grip with my bars. :)

My Kadet Mini has plenty of room to hold my MemoBottle Slim with Sleeve, Bose Sports Earbuds, Tactica Bike Multi tool, Samsung Buds Live Case, Bellroy Card Pocket and orbitkey and still has room for more - for a 5litre bag it seems like it holds a lot more than you originally think it would hold to be honest with you.

I think the Sling is good value for money however it still moves around a lot on your back not as much as the Venture Sling thought so that's definitely a bonus. This bag is almost perfect though.