So its time to talk about the cost of livin' and not Ronnie's Dunn song, cost of livin either.

I was browsing Bellroy and I was planning on some new purchases but I noticed something that was daunting, the prices of Bellroy has gone up and with some of the products it's not too bad but with others it flamming noticable.. more than a brunt snag on a BBQ.

Bellroy Venture Duffel - 239 up to $289.00

Bellroy Melbourne Backpack - $199.00 to $229.00

Bellroy Tech Brief - $169 to $189.00

Bellroy Pencil Case - $55 to $59.00 this is one of the smallest increases I have found on there site.

At the end of the day, I know everything in the world we live in is going up and that's some thing we are just going to have to swallow pardon the pun but some of these increases like the $40.00 on the Venture Duffel seems in my mind some what excessive consider this you're building a Venture Load out, which is what I was planning to do

Old Pricing from Bellroy

Venture Backpack - $349.00

Venture Sling Camera Edition - $229.00

Venture Duffel - $239.00

Total: 817.00.

With the increase to the Venture Duffel and Camera Edition Sling, that would run you a extra $70.00 and that's a lot for some people especially in the current climate with COVID, Cost of living, Inflation, uncertainity in the workforce and so fourth.