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Cygnett ChargeUp Maxx 30K Power Bank Black To the best of my knowledge Cygnett are the first company to come up with something as high as 30K in a retail environment in Australia and while you're not going to find the 18W fast charging here is this power bank a solution for some of us in the world?

If you know me you will know that the two power banks I rotate between are these - Cygnett ChargeUp Reverse 18W 20K PD Fast Charge Power Bank Red , this one I have had for well over a year I believe I brought in March of last year, and it's been used countless times from charging a Switch Lite console to Action Cameras and evening powering music gear this one has been through hell and back, thrown in bags and slid across tables and it rocks, but it's a little chunky and heavy to be honest with you. The other Power Bank I use the most is my Cygnett Boost V2 20K - this one has no fancy 18W here but is just as effective it has 3 connectors and is good enough for most tasks however struggles with the Switch Lite a little but that's bound to be excepted considering the USB C is only 15W but it still gets you out of a bind if your stuck.

I think how they have executed the Maxx 30K is amazing, the fact that you can use two USB C to charge the POWER BANK super quick is definitely a added bonus for those of us who need to fast charge a power bank, I don't think that will be a purpose I would be using it for personal but you never know only time will tell and that's just a fact of life.

Is the EXTRA 10K nice? Yes it's a good safety net if you have it and that's a fact of life it would possibly come in handy if your charging your drone batteries on the run but I don't know if I would personally use it.

All three charging ports are capable of 15.5W which is definitely another added bonus.

Another thing I would be weary off would be the heat factor, the heat of power banks is a pretty big issue with power banks especially in a hot summer heat, but I will say thought some of their power banks do have heat issues and run hot I have never had any dangerous concerns about the heat of the power banks and I can't speak for the heat of this power bank due to the fact I don't own one.