Hoselink Compact Reel 10 Metres

The Compact Reel - I used a hammer drill by Ryobi with a 8mm Kango Drill bit to deal with the mounting of the hose however I felt like a 7.5mm would have been better as the 8mm the screws seem to move a lot more than ideal.

So personally as a tradesmen I felt like a 7.5mm would have been the best masonry bit to use. - My Ryobi One+ Hammer Drill had no issues mounting the hose at all. - I think any person who is somewhat a confident DIY'er won't have any issues in mounting this reel with out any issues to be honest with you.

Hoselink says that you can't use the hose while mounted and I think with the we've secured it, this isn't a problem, I run the hose off to the green house while it is still mounted, however I definitely wouldn't recommend running the hose and pulling the hose out why it's mounted as that could cause the Compact Reel to drop off the mount and that would no doubt cause damage.

This would almost be perfect if you could use the reel while mounted I no doubt understand that that's not possible for this model currently, I would love for them to see a 10metre reel that we could use while mounted that would be just pure bliss.

I think I would love to have maybe seen a 12 metre or a 15 metre version of the compact reel, more likely the 12Metre to be honest, the reel was easy and simple to set up and it serves a purpose and is excellent, over on my INSTAGRAM we will be showcasing this a lot more.


Now 6 weeks on the reel has held up extremely well and thats a really good hose that makes every thing in my garden so much easy to maintain and I definitely won't be complaining here however, I find that it can often been hard to roll up and roll out, a little WD-40 on the inside of the hose reel seems to solve this problem most of the time. - However if you're elderly this might be a issue for you. I think the HoseLink Compact reel has it's purpose and for me it serves said purpose however I think there's a lot to be learned from the Hoselink Reel and I would love to see what the team at HoseLink can developed for a second version of this reel.