So we've embraced the smart home, but once again I have been told that I need to be on the forefront of technology which I definitely don't I have embraced the fact with some of these smart home gadgets if it ain't broke don't fix it, in the Lounge room my mother is using a JBL Link speaker and that's definitely not broken that's amazing speaker that serves an amazing function for my mother and that makes life easy for her. In my shed sits a Google Nest Mini and that works well for what we need that item for.

The point being I am sure there's some advantages to having the latest Nest Hub but for me I just don't think there to be perfectly honest with you and you can certainly challenge me and ask me why I think like that, and I will explain that for you.

The Hub sits on my desk and is on my main desk, in my studio there's a Echo Dot 4th generation with clock, and a Apple HomePod Mini just for kicks really cause I am in the Apple Eco-system but the homepod mini did shock me though and that's in a good way that it shocked me to be honest.

I don't really use a lot of the smart display features to be honest, a lot of what I do with the hub could actually just be done with the Google Nest Mini - I thought I would use the HUB features more than I do. I mainly use the hub to play music in the night, for a short period of time, not during the day, I mainly use it to turn off and on lights through out the house and power switches and to set the odd time, the display is nice as a distraction but did I need a display? Not really so I don't see my self buying the second generation when I could get away with Nest Mini like some times yes I would use the Touch Screen to adjust brightness of lights quickly and on the fly but not often enough to justify it as a HUB.

That's my 2 cents on the matter and these are just my thoughts and I always aim to keep these honest, google didn't sponsor this and didn't supply this hub it was purchased a over a year ago from my local bunnings on clearance.