At the end of the day.... Hydroflask is the king of the bottles, a lot has changed over the years for me and it's crystal clear that Hydroflask has been the king of the road for me. I have been using multiple bottles over the years and there's been nothing like this HydroFlask that I have been using.

I have used bottles from Mizu, BigBottle Co, CamelBak, Frank Green, KleanKanteen and so fourth... Is there such a thing as a perfect bottle? I am not sure but the Hydroflask is fairly close to perfect in my mind if I am being perfectly frank and honest with you.

One of the issues I have with the HydroFlask is the sheer weight of the bottle, I have the 21oz Bottle - in the timberline collection in the Bonfire colour and I have had that for the last year and it's been the one bottle I have constantly been using on and off and I enjoy working with that bottle - I recently adapted to the sports lid for that bonfire bottle and that's made drinking on the bike a lot easier.

A lighter bottle for hitting the trails and commuting would be super handy to be honest which is why the trail series of Hydro Flask might come in handy but unless they start pumping them out in a bright orange I think I will give it a miss, colour schemes are important for me to be honest, The Bonfire is a nice colour scheme and matches with the current scheme I am undertaking on the Giant Fathom Bike.

This bottle has served me well and unless I can find the perfect bottle for keeping drinks cold and riding the Hydro Flask will live on.

Conclusion: One of the most expensive bottles I own but the longest I have kept with a bottle, I have enjoyed using the bottle for multiple activities and I have been happy with how it has kept drinks cold and it's overall performance and the ease of cleaning with the removal of the boot it fits perfectly in the bottle holder by Giant on the bike.