For the better half of last year I kept a journal and that was possibly one of the best moves I ever did was setting aside 30 minutes a day that I could journal, but when my mental health picked up I stopped journaling and I am now sitting here thinking that I should have never stopped journaling I didn't even stop on a end of a day, I just stopped mid way through a day. I guess I looked at it and went yeah, it's all going perfectly fine in life, I don't need to journal right now I got the hang of it.

Well I admit that I clearly should have never stopped keeping a journal it's a great productive creative outlet and it's a good way for mental health and it's super productive but on that note, I admit I screwed up by stopping the journal so I have to get back to journaling and that's just a fact of life.

So going forward no matter how good life gets or how bust life gets I won't stop keeping a journal and that's just a factor of life.