Please Note: I am not sponsored or endorsed by JB Hi Fi or Influencer the brand, or any associated companies. Most of the RANGE I have not PURCHASED and I will just state that and to be honest - this is only to provide a over view of the core range, I will state what items I do own and any items I have purchased, I will state as items purchased would have been purchased on discount from my local JB Hi Fi (Shepparton) As always there's no affiliate links contained in this blog. Everything I am stating is IMPRESSIONS and not based on actual product use unless otherwise stated

Influencer is a JB HI FI brand so you'll only find it in the JB Hi Fi's around country I guess you could say that this brand kind of came around at the time of the peak of COVID and WORK FROM HOME, but they were definitely aiming everything at streamers and content creators and I think a lot of it provides good value but good quality?

Influencer Reversible Green Screen - $149.00 seems to pose really good value considering the price of the Elgato Green Screen coming in at $299.00 and it's purely a green screen and the ELGATO one is a slug, it's heavy and it's big and hard to store. You've got other alternatives as well as some you can source from places like HYPOP, but that will still run you in to $250.00 price point with the stand, so the Influencer seems to provide good value, good quality I am not sure as I don't have it in my hands yet and that's just a fact of life.

Influencer Microphone boom arm desk kit - $29.00. I think we've all been there and had a cheap boom arm that is no good, but is the Influencer one any good? I am not sure to be honest it's got a included pop filter to stop the plosives which is a added bonus, it's got a MAX PAYLOAD of 1KG which means it will hold most microphones with out any issues and that's another solid. Is it functional I am not sure but the industry standard for boom arms is the Blue Compass or the Rode PSA1 / PSA1+ or another I have always been a fan of is the Sontronics Elevate Boom Arm . The more expensive options on this list are coming in at nearly four times the price and there's some bonus's but you need to work out if they are the pros or the cons, I am sure as a cheap and cheerful boom arm this would be practical and cheap.

RGB TUBE LIGHT: - $129.00 - This Tube light has many different uses, and has a included remote which is definitely bonus however there's no app support like other brands on the market around this price point though and that kind of sucks but however this poses really good value for money but I am not going to say much more on this light due to the fact that we've got a full review hitting the site shortly.

Conclusion: The JB Hi Fi Influencer range supplies good value and a wide range of products that I think make content creation that little bit easier within reach for a lot of the content creators or beginner YouTubers, TikTok'er alike.