The Leatherman Signal is one of the Leatherman Range of Mutli-Tools - it's possibly one of the ones with the least tools but also maybe one of the lightest one on the market as well to be honest. This one retailing at $299.95 is definitely not an entry level Multi-Tool if your chasing a entry level Leatherman possibly should be looking for the Sidekick or the Wingman.

Choices: The Signal comes in a few different colour options, being an adventure multi-tool and being out in the wild in the bush I would have liked to have seen Leatherman drop a Yellow or even a orange. You've got Srainless, Aqua, Grey, Cobalt & Black. There's definitely a colour for everyone I have the Cobalt.

The Signal is much more of a an adventure multi-tool as opposed to a general purpose multi-tool which kind of sucks to be honest but one thing that doesn't suck is the ways you can carry the Multitool if you've been around the block a time or two then you would know how important is how you carry the tool. This has a Carabiner that you can use to clip off a pants belt loop, It has a Nylon Sheath included for belt carry or it has a pocket belt clip which can be used for carry solutions as well.

The Leatherman Signal Multi-tool has 19 tools in one and therefore provides value for money.

The pilers are possibly one of the things most people might use the most for cutting cables or wires or something this provides, the signal has good handles allowing for maximum grip on the pilers for maximum leverage and that's definitely a good thing.

Every tool in the Signal has it's purpose designed for it including the whistle... the signal is a valuable asset with any multi tools.