Melbourne Gems - Bourke Street - Milligram

Sep 02, 2023

Please Note: I receive no discounts and/or incentives to write the Melbourne Gem Series of Blogs on page and I do it purely out of enjoyment, and it's all about credit where credit is due.

I have been shopping with Milligram for many years and from their Melbourne Central Store I have seen many good team members come and go, and that's the way of life, the Melbourne Central refers to Bourke Street as "Milligram's New Baby" it's the newest store in the lineup of stores for Milligram and that's a fact of life.

In the heart of Bourke tucked away near Kmart (Bourke Street, Flagship) is the Milligram Store.

I am confident in saying that Terry the store manager here runs the best team in the company, most people who are in to stationary would be no stranger to the brand of Milligram. Terry has one of the most passionate and dedicated team out of all the Milligram's I have visited and that's definitely a good thing.

Working in retail, we all have bad days, but does Bourke Street? I can't say that there's been a bad day when I have been in there with Customer Service, and that's definitely a good thing. Terry the store manager makes a point of contact with every customer that walks in the door within a minute or two.

Milligram Bourke Street is well stocked with the best looking Lamy, Kaweco and Bellroy displays of all the stores I have been too, and something else that is truly shocking, is the store is always clean and spotless and that's not a bad thing. Everything is organized.

Milligram bourke street, has an enticing window display that will just grab your attention and pull you straight in to the store and then your in the vortex known as Milligram, once you've stepped foot in bourke street, the service you will be met with will be unmatched, and that's a fact of life.

There's something in there for everyone to be honest with you, and I like that, like a lot of people don't realize how much stationary can change your life.

If Milligram Bourke Street had a dating profile " Clean Cut, Simple yet elegant, upper class with something from all around the world, eager to please"

I think shh, don't tell Ash that in the last six months I have spent more money with Bourke Street than I have with the Melbourne Central, though at the end of the day I love Ash and the MC team, but sadly Bourke Street is smashing it with the Customer Service game and as a ex mystery shopper, I have to respect that, it's hard not to, to be honest with you.

Bourke Street Team smash the customer service gam, whether your being service by Yonas, Cathy or any one of the other legends on the customer service team, your guaranteed accurate, informative information and a good chat with no pressure and that's what we love!

So next time you've got some time I recommend you check out Bourke Street Milligram.

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