Comin' in at just under half a litre at 450mls, the Memobottle Slim is a strong contender in the Memobottle lineup, I own the A7 Memobottle and I am a big fan of the SLIM however there's one flaw with this bottle and I don't know if Memobottle are realising this or not.

The Memobottle is well constructed and is well designed like everything that Memobottle does. However my main concern was the fact it only came with one Lid, the A7 came with a black and white lid which was good it allowed you to contrast out your bottle and desired sleeve and I thought that was a nice touch.

The slim comes with a brushed stainless steel/chrome lid and I am not a fan of it to be honest, I would have much rather a Black and White lid in the box or a Silver and a black lid, to me it just seems like its the smaller details in things that matter.

I will personally possibly be buying another lid.

Who is the SLIM Bottle for? Some one who needs a bottle to fit in a tight space or a flat space for me this memobottle fits perfectly in the Bellroy Venture Sling, Bellroy Melbourne Compact, Bellroy Sling - Bellroy Market Tote, and Timbuk2 The Division Side pocket which is a bonus, I think that the Memobottle Slim is perfect for a lot of bags and sling styled bags.