Those of you who know me, know that when cycling on the bike that I use the Quad Lock Outfront Mount for having the phone on my bars as HUD - Heads Up Display.

Since I have switched to the Samsung Z Flip it's hard to use the Quad Lock now, considering any hard breaking would see the phone fly off the bars which kind of sucks but I have to understand that is the way of life to be honest.

Even if you use the Quad Lock Universal Mounting pad, it still runs the risk of hard braking the phone bottom part of the case coming separated and that sucks but you run those risks when you adapt something early on.

I think there's possibly way arounds this to be honest, but wether the Quad lock Engineers want to channel energy in to working out a solution I would be doubtful. Just giving the small % of the Quad lock user that would be rocking these wouldn't be many.

I still have the Wahoo on deck and with the watch I have the ability to get everything I need I just think if i was using the phone as a smart remote then it would be nice to have that luxury of viewing the content on the heads up display on the bars.