If you know me you know I am big fan of earphones and headphones and that my long time favourite for Active Noise Cancelling Cans are the Bose 700's which I own in Black I have had them pretty soon after they launched in Australia the team at Myer Bendigo looked after with the purchase of the Bose 700 headphones.

This time around I brought the Bose Sports Earbuds from JB Hi Fi on sale for $199.00 from $299.00 there's a few trade offs from their big brothers the QuietComfort Earbuds, but the pros and the cons between the buds are some different reasons - so I will break these down shortly.

Why didn't I purchase these soon? the price of $299.00 has always been a major put off considering the price of these versus the price of the Quietcomfort buds, I generally saw the sports on sale for $279.00/$249.00 but $199.00 hit the sweet spot for me to be honest with you, and I have been doing a lot of riding to be honest and I thought it was time I invested in some earbuds that were sports designed.

The sports buds case is so much smaller than the QC buds cases and that's definitely a bonus, it's slimmer and longer which is good. Which means it's a lot more pocket friendly especially if you put the case in your pockets while riding or something there's no big bulky case like you've seen on the QC buds.

The sports buds lack ANC - ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLING, which is a disappointment to be honest - I would have loved to have seen the sports buds with ANC - might be handy for those of us who train in a gym or indoors where ANC is optimal. However I haven't experienced many issues where ANC wouldn't be ideal.

The sports buds have volume and a decent sound stage - the music is clear and good level of clarity and I enjoy the profile with the Bose Buds - the fit is great, I am using the small wing tips with these buds and through bumps and jumps haven't experienced any instances where these have fallen out of my ears.

Conclusion: These sound great, they look good and fit great and the battery life is really good to, which is good as well. The sound stage with these headphone's don't have too much bass, they put a emphasis on vocal clarity which is good - I have found the sound stage to be really even which is definitely good for me - I am really loving these earbuds and the sound stage, with these buds - the main con for me is the lack of wireless charging which is found in the big brother of these buds.