OLIGHT Seeker Mini 4

Aug 16, 2023

There’s no secret I have been the OLIGHT bandwagon for the last couple of years and that’s with good reason, needing to illuminate your world you’ve got OLIGHT by your side. For work I have rocked a Warrior 3 for the last year or so, but work had required some new requirements and the Seeker 4 Mini fitted that bill.

There’s no orange in the Seeker 4 mini yet no doubt there will be eventually that’s generally how OLIGHT roll.

The Seeker 4 Mini got featured on my YouTube Channel. I did a first impressions and unboxing over there for the fans.

The OLIGHT Seeker 4 Mini, packs a massive punch in to a small light even the UV packs a punch.

UV isn’t something you may need on a everyday carry light but for people who work in motels or as cleaners UV is always a handy addition to our arsenal.

CON: There’s no included holster, there’s a belt clip or a pocket clip but I feel like a holster/pouch would have been super handy for those of us using it a duty torch.

I think the pricing of the Olight Seeker 4 Min is actually quite good even when it's not on sale that's definitely a strong bonus for those us, that are looking are looking for an affordable work torch, and even just a EDC torch for our bags.

I think that the OLIGHT Seeker 4 Mini is a strong winner and a great torch to have in your bag or pockets and it provides a versatile use case scenarios especially having the UV light on deck, and I don't think that's a bad thing to be honest with you.

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