It's not a new concept any one that has seen any thing over on Litmus Lab you would have seen the bottles by Larq, even if you've researched a UV bottle you would know that Larq exist in that space then you've got a few other options out there on the market with other NO NAME companies but we are looking the TOP RANGE solutions.

The one first advantage that Larq offer over the Philips is that the Larq Bottles come in some larger size ranges that are of an advantage to those of us who drink a ton of water, and one of the other advantages is the simple fact that it charges using Micro USB YES I hate micro USB but it's better than a magnetic connector that only Philips makes at the end of the day.

For those of us down under we've got some choices in colours that we can rock out with - Classic Black, Yellow, Green and Blue. I picked up the blue version of this bottle on price match at my local JB and the team was nice enough to transfer it in. If your searching for it, it's not going to be something you will easily find as during my research prior to purchase I found it either had to be ordered in or ordered online.

This bottle comes in line at 590mls so it's around 20oz bottle, so when I am working most of you guys know that I rock a 18oz Yeti as my work bottle and daily driver so this holds a little more water. I have also started using a Kinto Day Off Tumbler which is 500mls so around 17oz. There's a lot to be said for the GoZero and the GoZero range of products from Philips.

I think the first concept is they are trying to get us to "GO ZERO" waste and that's definitely something I can get behind 1000% ditch those morning coffees in the disposable cups, pick up a reusable and do you bit for the environment. Be aware of the environment and the world we live in. I know I can be more aware than what I am but I still try to do my bit.

So in theory this bottle should rock your world at the SRRP of $129.00 in Australia. It's very early days at the end of the day with this bottle, I don't know if it will convert me from Yeti's or even my new found love for the Kinto Day Off Tumbler but I am guessing only time will tell.

The GoZero Bottle is relatively light weight for the fact of the bottle, and the amount of tech it's got rocking under the lid. The GoZero is let down by a magnetic 🧲 style charger that looks very similar to what we saw with Hidrate's line of smart bottles however the GoZero bottle magnets are weaker providing quite a loose connection at the end of the day, which isn't overly a good thing when it comes to charging things and that's just a fact of life.

Though on the first impressions of this bottle it seems well made and good to grip and looks like it would be good to drink out off but only time will tell how good the actual bottle is.

I am really going to wrap this up here for a first impression and I will touch base with you guys in a week or so.