Mar 13, 2023

Brought my first Evergoods Product CAP2L

There's a lot of Hype around the products that evergoods make and I think for the most part with good reason, if you're a carroyolist you know if you know.I got in on a limited edition and brought my self a CAP2L - CIVIC ACCESS POUCH 2L but in the carry world we call them a CAP2L, and I am definitely not upset that I did, I think this definitely the most I have paid for a pouch though.$154.95 is what you will find the retail on these for in the land down under, and that's in the... more

Feb 19, 2023

Cricut - Time to upgrade.

I have been saying since I got the Joy that I am being held back by the joy and the limited colours of vinyl and the limited projects I can do due to the fact of what the Cricut Joy is capable of, and that's definitely not a good thing that I am being held back by that, but that's a fact of life.I think the Cricut system is a great system but I think the Joy is limiting what I can do. The Cricut joy is great for those that are wanting to dip their toes in the water and it definitely... more

Feb 10, 2023

JB Hi-Fi you've done it again!

Honestly I was in Melbourne last week and I hit up a few stores within JB Hi-Fi and we always know that JB Hi-Fi generally delivers the goods when it comes to prices and stock.We spoke in a previous article about the EN-EL25 being the fall down of the Nikon Z series that rock that battery like that Nikon Z30 that is the current camera I am currently.However when we were in Melbourne I have noticed that a Jupio OEM for the battery has popped up at $99.95 this however doesn't appear online... more

Jan 20, 2023

Satechi - 165W Charger - Bringing the Heat

Satechi dropped their 165W USB-C GAN PD CHARGER down under and it brings the heat.Most of you who know me would know that I primarily have been speaking highly of the Belkin 108W BoostUp Charge Pro and one of the concerns was I wish it had a Extra USB C port, and that's true and a little more power would have been nice too.I carry a bit of tech with me on the travels I tend to travel with a MacBook, Drone and other technology that I need to charge on thew run, a lot of that technology is... more

Jan 17, 2023

Is the EN-EL25 the downfall for the Z30?

There are no affiliate links contained in here, and nothing generates any commission from these links, I do this because I enjoy this if you'd love to buy me a coffee please do so as Coffee is expensive.Is the Nikon EN-EL25 Battery the down fall of the Nikon Z30 and other cameras that uses that battery?One of the major issues with the EN-EL25 is the battery charger isn't included in the box with this camera and you've got a USB Cable for charging the battery in camera and... more

Jan 09, 2023

The Big Design Market - Day In Da Life of Video

We spoke a couple of weeks ago about the delays to this video and it pains me to say, despite editing it twice and working on it across two different machines and using two different files and rendering in different programs, and different systems.The video file 30 seconds in fails to render successfully, and that's a royal pain. Sadly this has put me behind on wanting to do more videos in that concept, but I do realise that it's possibly just a corrupted video file and that does... more

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