Jun 25, 2022

Small improvements to my ZV-E10 Kit

I have been using the ZV-E10 quite a lot for various different things and there's something I felt like was missing from the kit, and I have added these now - I am going to get down and on the record and discuss the ins and out of my set up and the improvements I am making.1 - Audio for a lot of my videos in the studio and even out I have been the internal microphone in the ZV-E10 it's not bad but it's also not totally great, and honestly that doesn't really bother too much... more

Jun 24, 2022

Crumpler - Life In The Country - Echuca/Moama

So until recently I thought I was one of the very few people who knew what the iconic brand crumpler was but boy was I wrong.The head turns, the comments and the questions as I have been rocking workshop bag #75 Wonder Weenie around the town of Echuca/Moama.At the end of the day, the little man known as the iconic crumpler man has been popping up every where from older styles like the Western Lawn, someone even asked me where they could get a new crumpler.Sadly at the end of the day it's... more

Jun 24, 2022

Ringke 46MM Galaxy Watch 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

I purchased these out of my own money from Syntricate.com.au - I don’t receive any commission or benefits from Syntricate in relation to reviewing these items and promoting these items.Ringke - Isn’t a brand I had heard of until I started shopping with Syntricate and that wasn’t a problem I have had a few of their products now and I am a convert on the Ringke way of life.Four $24.95 you get four of these, which is exceptional value - try finding a screen protector for your... more

Jun 23, 2022

Seagate OneTouch SSD 500GB

Seagate has had their skin in the game with hard drives since ever I can remember and there portable SSD's are becoming the one to beat at least price wise here in Australia and that's just a matter of a fact, there's no doubt a struggle here with prices when items are converted from USD to AUD the aussie is always getting screwed and that's a fact of life, but you've got to look at price versus performance and how these compare to the most popular USB C SSD the Samsung... more

Jun 21, 2022

Leatherman - Multi Tools, what is right for you?

For me I don’t think there’s one ultimate multi tool that does it all to be honest and I have looked at a lot of the Leathermans and I own a couple as well.You’ve really got to look at what your uses for your multi tool are and what you except it to do and how much you’re willing to spend I advise people that, that if your looking for something basic that your only going to use for occasional fish or camping trip then your wanting maybe their cheapest which would be the... more

Jun 21, 2022

T7 Touch - A Year On!

I have had my T7 Touch 500GB SSD for the last year and at the time I thought the fingerprint reader on the SSD was one of the most over rated and gimicky things money could buy but I only brought the T7 Touch, Because at the time it was cheaper than the original T7 in the competitive pricing I found. Pricing is subjective though at the end of the day it really does depend on what your going to use the said storage for versus what your willing to pay, when it comes to SSD's prices have been... more

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