Sep 23, 2022

Bellroy - TECH BRIEF

Sep 22, 2022

Power Banks - What should you buy?

A good power bank should always be in your kit and power banks are getting cheaper and cheaper and it doesn't really matter where you shop but I always recommend you don't buy no name, low brand ones like Laser and so fourth and there's a few reasons for that to be honest.The size of the power bank depends on the devices that you wish to power through out your busy day, and in my case that's a lot of devices in all honesty, though in a typical day I can manage without having... more

Sep 15, 2022

15 items I want before the end of the year.

Please Note: Nathan and Geek In Da Kitchen doesn't receive any commission or any kick backs from the links contained within our articles these are generic non affiliate links - thanks.This one will take a bit of a different turn to my tech ones, this may be tech and also may not be tech it's going to be a combo of things, and that's something quite unique and different to what I have done in the past.If you know me then you know I crave quality devices when I go shopping and... more

Sep 12, 2022

I brought a Cricut... JOY Machine

OMFG - Some one stop me lol... JB Addicts anonymous now in session (JBAA) for short.So it was a beautiful day in Shepparton and I had been eying off a Cricut for quite a while but I don't know why I have been eyeing one off in all honesty. - I don't know if this is a bad thing or a good thing that I went out and brought a Cricut Joy Machine. Is it all sunshine and lollipops or is there a lot of work behind the scenes with the Cricut.Cricut Joy retails for $349.00 AUD in Australia that... more

Sep 10, 2022

Mophie 4 in 1 Charging Mat 40W with USB A/Watch Stand

Mophie - 4 in 1 Charging Mat - 40WWireless charging is the way a lot of people are going for difference devices, however when looking for earphones or BUDS I don't consider them now unless they have wireless charging on deck and that's just a fact of life.I think Wireless charging is a just more so a way of life now, maybe not for some power users who rock a S22 Ultra cause personally I don’t want to wait three hours for that to charge, and that’s just a fact of life.The... more

Sep 09, 2022

A Week with Buds2 Pro

It's now been a week since I got my hands on the Samsung Buds2 Pro, and that week has been a game changer for many different reasons - these buds have been the only buds I have used all week, even as I am typing this review on the MacBook I have the buds supplying the audio from the S22 Ultra on Spotify. (Actually they have only been out a week lol)For starters I have noticed that the case doesn't slip and slide out of my hands as often so I am not rushing out or feeling the need to... more

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