It's something very simple but it a little bit of a game changer to be honest if you have something like the Mantis Vlogging Tripod that is your EDC kit, then the Quad Lock Tripod Adaptor is a good piece - like sure thing the Vlogging Tripod. Yes the Vlogging Tripod has the phone mount included however it's not the most stable holding the iPhone 12 especially with the Magsafe Silicone Apple Case on the phone.

If you're using a Universal Fit adaptor or the actual Quad Lock case, the tripod adaptor is a must have it allows secure and safe mounting on a Tripod like the PGYTECH MANTIS or the Manfrotto Pixi or a full size MeFoto Tripod.

Weather your using the tripod adaptor to shoot Instagram lives in handheld or not, the flow on effect of shooting - From the Quad Lock bike mount to the tripod adaptor is seamless which is why I think that if your in the eco-system of Quad Lock then this is definitely a no brainer if you shoot video with your phone sure it's not going to make any thing more stable but more secure heck yes!