I have been thinking about this a lot lately, especially as travelling to and from around the place. Every one knows I am a massive fan of the Bellroy Tech Kits and these are my daily driver for many different reasons.

I have been thinking of keep a ready to pack tech kit just loaded with the core staples and adaptors so I don't have to unpack and repack my tech kit every time as it's starting to be a task that is taking some time and it's a small thing I could do to save myself some time which in my mind is always a good thing at the end of the day.

What would be featured or situated in a RTP tech, Wirth the flooding in Victoria it's thinking of a GO BAG/Pack time - I don't exactly know how that would look for me considering that I am a chronic over packer.

So if I am thinking a minimalist/some what minimal travel Ready to Pack tech kit, this is what I would be looking at putting in that kit.

For starter's cable management is the bigger thing you really need to sort out when you're travelling velcro and for that I use some basic one's that I buy off Amazon, I buy a 50 pack they are a core staple of mine. Click here for the one's I use.

Let's start with the most important part of the tech kit, the tech kit it's self.

For me, the tech kit I would choose, would be the Bellroy Original or the Bellroy X Carryology Essentials Collab. These are expensive in terms of tech kits, there's definitely some cheaper options sitting on the world of the Amazon, but I am choosing a Bellroy one.

These will cost you between $80 - $110.00 depending on where you shop, I have a bronze one I have been using as my daily tech kit since May and I love it to death, my amazing girlfriend brought it for me from my good friends over at Milligram... gram life, a different way.

I would now to look at what I carry on the daily, or on my trips when I leave the house for a extended period and what I would keep in there.

  • Logitech Pebble (MX Anywhere 3 is my daily driver in terms of mouses but in terms of a RTP, I could make do with a Pebble mouse in order for lightness and the ability to do stuff where the trackpad on the devices would become annoying) - The Pebble is around $39 - $49.00 dependent on the colour of the mouse and where you've been shopping, I think these are a good get out of dodge mouse, and they use bluetooth as well as having the USB dongle, which is something their pop series is missing.

  • Belkin 108W / Satechi 165 W - I use a 108W Belkin by my desk at home, and generally I unplug that and use that on the road with myself and that's due to the fact that it's a very useful device, it allows me to not have to worry about additional or multiple wall chargers and that's a bonus if you're asking me and that's cause, I can have multiple devices and the ability to charge these are essential. The Satechi offering USB C x 4 is what I would go now if I had the time again over. There's no right or wrong answer here it just depends on what devices you carry - for me, you're finding me with a Switch, MacBook, Dell XPS or Surface Pro 8, Phone, Power Bank, Bose headphones and Airpods are generally what you will find and a Tech Kit usually. There's a big price between these with the Belkin at $139.00 and the Satechi at $199.00

I will now get in to cables and adaptors as that's a very important part of a well rounded tech kit and some of these items I choose may actually shock you, but a lot of you know what I have come to like over the months of reading the blog!

  • Satechi On The Go - This has been one of the most well rounded hubs I have found for travelling and even more so than the TwelveSouth StayGo hub and yes, I am not joking this has a few advantages over the StayGo, We've highlighted them here but if you're looking purely based on the spec's the On-The-Go isn't totally flat, and is a little heavier but that additional USB C port is the winner for me at the end of the day and that's what I would use over the TwelveSouth StayGo and the Satechi on the go is the cheaper option of the two, as well which is another win for this kit.

  • Panzer Glass Twice A Day - This one is odorless and does an amazing job to clean your screens and that's definitely a big bonus for me, one of my primary devices is the finger print magnet we call the midnight M2 MacBook Air.

  • Lightning to USB C - Switching back to the iPhone means that the dynamic of that means I am back to using the lightning connector, - FFS ditch this already Apple! The cable I will pick will be a cygnett armoured cable and that would be a 1 metre cable. I wouldn't pack two of these even though I carry Airpods, I would still primarily only carry one.

  • Alogic Ultra Mini USB A to C - x 2 - These adaptors are pretty handy when you're in a tight spot with the lacking of ports on computers and devices these ays and that really does suck in all honesty, there's nothing short of having a couple of these as they always seem to go walk about for some random reason.

  • Belkin Connect USB 4/ThunderBolt 4 Cable 0.8 - These are very expensive cables but at the end of the day, these are excellent cables for devices that have thunderbolt 4 on deck and are excellent and these support faster charging for devices that support them, I would chuck 2 of these in my kit. (Just cause I have learned what the power of fast cables and fast transfers means in the real world.)

  • Olight MCC3 - Type C and USB A - This is not so generic to be honest with you, you'd only want these if you pack a Olight with you when you travel and for me I most certainly do pack a olight when I travel, I think OLIGHT is one of the best torches I can have in my EDC and travel gear.

  • Belkin Chargeup USB C - C 2M - These are just good general all around cables for when you just need a USB C cable and not much more and that's a good thing in all honesty. I would chuck in two of these.

And I think that would be about it, or do you guys think I have left something out?