I will say size doesn't matter what you get you're going to get the same software and so fourth so that shouldn't really matter, you choose the size that works for you and your budget. I chose the 500GB as I also figured it would possibly be a easy resell, if I opted to resell it. I have had the T5 and personally I didn't get the hype the two I had didn't impress me to be honest the speeds were sluggish and they just seemed to not live to the hype train.

I immediately started hunting for a new solution and brought my self a Extreme 500GB SSD by Sandisk and that was amazing and served me well until I sold it to upgrade to the Extreme Pro 2TB. The Sandisk is my daily SSD you will possibly find it in my tech kit or somewhere when I am travelling as that holds a lot of data that I use regularly. Even though I have access to TNAS files I need when I am out and about I store on a SSD, but if your a musician and a content creator you possibly want some next level protection.

So the Touch Version of the T7 offers that for you with finger print recognition, is it fast to access your files? Or not really with finger point turned on? Well if you don't have security mode turned on this functions like any normal SSD without any issues, though with the finger print turned on and so fourth it's your usual finger print sensor but if it's responsive we'll talk about that shortly.

The update process is annoying and I would have loved for it to apply all the updates in one swift hit to be honest rather than having to do it 3 - 4 times as that was annoying and made me quickly lose interest in the SSD. The cables included with the SSD are high quality but short and that's not a problem I will possibly chuck these cables in the Tech Kit though, but that depends on if the SSD makes it out of the gate of the first week. As I have said in the past I haven't been impressed with Samsung SSD's and I have often shown favour to Seagate, but they don't have USB C native on a lot if there drives, so I opted to source a Sandisk SSD, I know Sandisk are tops as a photographer we use them natively for so much memory.

I think out of the Four SSDs I currently own - Seagate Expansion OneTouch SSD, Sandisk Extreme Pro, Western Digital My Passport SSD and the T7 Touch. I think if we are rating build, it goes Samsung T7 with Sandisk Extreme Pro coming in 2nd and Seagate in 3rd and WD takes pathetic 4th, it's such a poor pathetic enclosure I wouldn't even be chucking this one in my bag and that's just the facts of life. Speed is definitely the Extreme Pro or the T7. Reliability is the Extreme Pro with the T7 is a close second but the fingerprint does make it a little hard at times which is disappointing cause it needs to be more reliable. The Seagate seems to have issues with copying to my NAS like it seems to be really sluggish compared to the T7 and the Sandisk and it also seems to come back with way more corrupted transfer errors versus the other solutions.

Samsung's software is functional, updates are messy, but it's useable which is good I think in terms of bang for buck the Samsung T7/T7 Touch is definitely a winner and the mental enclosure is definitely a bonus and it's native USB C to C which is a strong contender, Sandisk is also Native USB C to C but they are priced a little higher but they do offer that drop protection and I personally prefer them over the Samsung Drives I think the Samsung may have been a little faster though, but if I am transferring full files like 10 - 30 GB projects I am usually not sitting there waiting I am generally multi-tasking and moving around and getting stuff done. I like to make the most of my time in my days. T7 versus the T5 I definitely say the T7 is the winner here and definitely I noticed the difference and I respect why the T7 is a industry kind of standard for those needing a SSD.