Wether you're a Samsung lover or not you can't argue that there's something so clutch about a flip it's kind of like bringing sexy back. The Samsung Z Flip 3 is possibly one of the biggest advancements we've seen from a flip phone for Samsung and that's just a fact of life. Samsung thought out side of the box and from the 2 to 3 we've jumped leaps and bounds with the Flip series.

With the Samsung Z Flip 3 it's definitely a big conversation starter - like is that one of those flip phones? Yes. The Samsung Z Flip 3 is one way to start off conversations with people in the supermarket, the corner store and more and that's just a fact of life. One of the things I love is the conversation starter ability of the Flip 3 and that's definitely a big bonus.

The new larger screen on the 3 over the 2, is definitely a big improvement and i love the information that the display on the front facing screen displays and that's a fact of life. The notifications that are displayed on the screen, the time and the ease of the front screen. The front screen acts as a HUD, Heads Up Display and that's definitely a big bonus in all honesty as the phone is shitting clam shelled on the desk.

The Z Flip 3 has a wide range of cases available on the market from genuine Samsung Cases to UAG, Tech21 cases and Incopio cases as well. That's definitely bonus that you've got very good chances of finding some awesome cases to suit all the styles.

Some of the biggest hates are the following - Can't get G Pay to work with the Samsung Z Flip 3 which definitely sucks as some of the merchants I use doesn't support the Samsung Pay and that's another big issue as well which is definitely concerning.

Camera - The camera's aren't marginally bad but they aren't marginally GOOD or SUPERSTAR either to be honest. The cameras are FAIRLY lacking and they aren't IDEAL they definitely aren't super star and that's a bit of a issue for someone like me who is a major content creator and relying on using phones for instagram and other social media platforms it's the camera on the Flip 3 that lets me down time and time again in my mind, maybe I am a tad too picky. This is one of the reasons why I am rocking on a Motorola Edge 20 Fusion to use the camera on that phone for my social media.

The other down side of the phone is the battery coming in at 3,300 mah is barely enough for a day for a lot of people. The practical of the battery size is not very practical is barely enough for a day for me as a power user but if you have a small 5K pocket power bank like the black cygnett and that will be more than enough to get you another full charge on the Z Flip 3.

The Samsung Z Flip 3 has the front screen and that screen you can get a screen protector for which is good to be honest, and you can even get a screen protector for the internal screen which is good and adds added protection to the glass and that's always a bonus.

I guess if we break it down and take it down town the CONS for me are these ones - Battery Life, Camera, Lack of ability to use Quad Lock. I think those three issues are not so much a deal breaker for me, the only one that is really a deal breaker for me would be the battery life cause battery life is heavily important for me.

Especially if i am travelling I need a reliable battery life and something that will be by my side and that the Z Flip 3 battery just isn't that and that sucks but I also rarely travel with out a power bank to be honest so that's not a major deal breaker either.

So conclusion the Samsung Z Flip 3 is a solid phone and it's a solid phone but there's nothing really making me stop it from my DAILY ❤️. I still love the phone and I won't stop using it as my daily for the time being :) It's a rock solid phone despite the battery and I guess that's my only issue with the Samsung Z Flip 3 if it all boils down to it.