And I am sure that some one on the world wide web has spoken about the one issue with the Surface Dock 2 as I am positive I can't be the only to come across this issue with the dock. It's not really a issue so to speak but it's something when I was looking at Docks I actually didn't notice or pay attention to, in all honesty and that's me for the sucker punch.

There's no HDMI Port, and that's where you need something that is USB C to HDMI and those cables for a decent one are near on $50 bucks for a adaptor here and that's the sucker punch at the end of the day it's quite annoying for me to be honest.

Microsoft has gone down the route of giving us some limiting ports on the PRO 8 but that's not a problem at least the Pro 8 offers ThunderBolt 4 but however the dock, that you pair with it doesn't offer Thunderbolt 4 and once again that's another issue we come across and here for me that's a fairly big issue with the case on point and that once again truly does suck big time for me and many others I am sure.

So if I want the benefit of Thunderbolt 4 for the higher data transfer speeds for when I am cloning drives and backing up hard drives and stuff like that, and DATA Dumps then I really need to spend the extra cash flow on something like the Alogic Blaze Compact Hub