The Nintendo Switch Lite, comes in 4 different colours and have had a couple of different limited editions over the years as well but they have been limited to Pokemon consoles, but I am definitely not complaining due to the fact of I am a major pokemon fan.

2022 is this going to be the year we see a replacement switch lite? I don't think so. in all honesty, I believe we might see another Pokemon Console limited edition in all honesty, but the Switch Lite was dropped in 2019, and we've still got the original Switch and Switch OLED in circulation but i am talking mainly about if the Switch Lite is worth it in 2022.

As some one who travels quite often, and currently not rocking a OLED Switch, until I get my Splatoon 3 Limited Edition OLED console, I thought it was worth purchasing a Lite in 2022. But I am going to answer the questions in general is the Switch Lite still worth it in 2022.

I see a lot of people saying that it's wise in 2022 to avoid Nintendo's Switch Lite, some reasons are there's a revamp on the way, there's a limited edition on the way for the Switch Lite with Pokemon and yes that's a possible but the last Pokemon console we saw down under is still for sale, though they are far and few, but if your on the hunt you can most certainly still find them, and that's why I don't think we'd see another one. I think we may see a revamped Switch Lite, but that may be towards the end of the year but also with the world wide chip shortage it's also highly unlikely too, and that definitely does suck. I think a Nintendo Switch Lite OLED, would be mint as though but I do admit the battery life would more than likely suffer. I think most of us who use a Switch Lite use it primarily for travel but it's also great for younger kids too which is a good thing.

The Nintendo Switch console and platform has an impressive library of games, there's something there for every one all ages of gamers and all styles of gamers and I guess that is why the Switch, has a cult following and it's not without due cause some of the smaller INDI games are some of the best on the console! - My personal favourite has to be Gear Club Unlimited.

The Swich lite is by the lightest and the most compact of the handheld switch systems though all the systems that Nintendo has made are considered Handheld consoles. The four colours of the Switch lite is sure have something for every thing. The Switch lite isn’t the highest resolution console but it’s the most portable of the consoles that we’ve got from Nintendo.

The screen isn’t very high in PPI which is pixels per an inch, 267 though compared to the original switch at 236 PPI, the switch lite in that aspect has a leg up on it. I still don’t have any issues with the screen on the switch lite especially for gaming on the go, which is my primary use for that console. For me I don't need the brightest or the best machine on the run for gaming I just need it to be enjoyable and it's enjoyable on a Switch Lite for me.

I know serval people that have only the Switch Lite and that's all they use for enjoying Switch Games and that's perfectly fine but I do occasionally like a bigger screen and that ability to play on the TV or in my case a monitor cause that's how I roll. I think that the Nintendo Switch Eco-system is a great eco system to be gaming in, especially if you've got young kids.

We're going to look at the cost of the a Switch Lite, here in Australia second hand you can usually pick them up for $150 - $250.00 depending on what's included with them, most of your cash converters will have them shelved up and ready to flog at around $190 ish depending on where you're shopping. Brand New these will set you back $329.00 however shop around I managed to price match mine to Amazon at JB HI FI Shepparton for $298.00 Thanks Jerry!. You could't really even buy a competent tablet for gaming at that price point and even if you could you would be missing the love of Pokemon, Mario, Splatoon and the list goes on!

The Switch Lite still gives you that switch gaming level of experience that you're coming to the Switch for, weather that be the Pokemon's, Mario or something else that floats your boat, the Switch Lite is definitely the lightest of the switches which makes it a ideal travel switch and there's no arguing with that fact.

I still think in 2022, that the switch lite is a no brainer even despite the dated technology and the battery life which is average on an average of 4 - 5 hours, but generally hitting the lower side of things around 3 hours. However in all fairness 3 hours is fine for me most of the time I am generally not that far away from being able to charge the Switch Lite, as I usually have a power bank with me capable of 18W in order to charge the Switch - So if your worried about the battery running out then looking at purchasing something like this power bank here - Belkin BoostUp 18W 10K PD there's definitely other options out there though, that might come in a little cheaper for those budget conscious people.

The Switch Lite is still rocking a Micro SD card slot which is definitely not a bad thing at the end of the day that means you can take you library on the run, and that's a good thing, as I think Digital is quickly winning for me in terms of the way I buy games at the end of the day and that might be wrong for a lot of people but it's the right thing for me and that's a fact of life. You don't need a big SD card, but I do recommend at least 128GB and keep a way from the Nintendo branded ones they are over priced, I use a 512GB one in my Lite and that's most definitely severe overkill for most people unless you have a lot of digital games or are planning on purchasing a lot of digital games.

In 2022 I think if you're just testing the waters with the gaming world or the Switch in general, I don't think you can go wrong with the Nintendo Switch Lite as a first switch or a travel switch I think they provide good value for what they are. I think the Switch manages to handle most of the games in the Switch Library fairly well and that's definitely a good thing with out any issues, like seriously this is a very capable device. I think the Switch Lite in 2022 is definitely worth it, it's my main way of getting Nintendo Switch Content despite having access to a OLED.