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I don't carry my switch lite when I am heading down town but if I am traveling then it's definitely on my top of my EDC, I use to carry the traditional Switch every where but after a month or so I stopped as I found it was getting in the way of living and that was just the facts of life and it really annoyed me, that it was becoming harder and harder to stow in my bag.

So what's my EDC with my switch.

My Switch lite is the Pokemon Limited Edition, with the matching Skull & Co Grip Case but we've got a 9H Tampered Glass Screen Protector on the Switch Lite Screen all neatly packaged in the TomToc Switch Lite Slim Case I have the Galaxy Colourway which matches and compliments the Switch Lite nicely I think, the case feels really luxury and minimalist which is what I love it holds 8 games but before we talk about the games I have on deck I use a Sandisk Micro SD Ultra 200GB for holding my digital games I do tend to buy a lot of digital games as it's some times easier for me that way, that's just a fact of life. I rather have actual cartridges because I can lend them to my girlfriend who's currently got my copy of Mario Kart and Animal Crossing New Horizons.

1) New Pokemon Snap

  • I grew up with the Pokemon Limited Edition N64 and rocked the Pokemon Snap on the N64 so when the new game dropped there was no surprise that it was coming in to my daily rotation and my travel rotation. This is a fun game where you can past 5 - 10 minutes at a time or longer if you need.

2) Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered

  • I grew up playing Need For Speed Hot Pursuit at launch with the 360, Wii and PS3 versions and I still remember clocking the games and I enjoyed every minute of it and it's no different on switch though in full disclosure I do own the PS4 and Xbox versions as well, but I enjoy having it portable though I do feel like I enjoy the game more when used in table top mode with a stand or when I have a 8bitdo Pro 2 controller connected.

3) Burnout Paradise Remastered

  • We've all heard of the burnout series of games and Paradise is one of those iconic games that has been around for ages and the remastered brings the fun to handheld mode and I love that fact and I enjoy filling in little bits of time playing this while travelling.

4) Pokemon Sword

  • I generally keep pokemon in my switch case I don't play it often any more, I kind of got lost in Pokemon and it didn't really keep me coming back I am sorry while I think they are great games I felt more of a connection to Let's Go than I did Sword and Shield but it's there when the need or desire strikes

5) Gear Club Unlimited 2.

  • I will be perfectly straight I have this game here for a one reason I have enjoyed Gear Club Unlimited the original quite a lot and I know I will get around to Unlimted 2 soon but it's there for when that moment strikes.

    {Note I often see this on sale digitally for under $30 AUD so it might be worth checking the eShop before purchasing this game - Also there's a Tracks Edition and Porsche Edition it's just the DLC that changes }

    6) Saints Row IV - Re-Elected

  • Saints Row is there for some more action packed gaming when the time strike I really enjoyed the game play for Saints Row IV on the nintnedo Switch.

7) Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon I grew up playing these games on the GBA and DS so it was no suprised that DX made it in to my rotation fairly quikcly. I think it really comes down to what you enjoy playing.

8) Trails rising.

  • I enjoy the racing and graphics of this game however I think it's more suited to TV mode or additional controller for some people but I don't mind the challenge so it's perfectly fine for me.

My Top Played Digital Games:

These are games I don't own actual cartridges of, it may be cause digital was just easier for me or the fact that they don't exist on non digital platforms but to the best of my knowledge I believe that all these games have cartridge versions.

1) Gear Club Unlimited

This is a funny story I have owned cartridge versions of this game at least 4 times and each time these cartridges have gone walk about, cause people enjoyed the game and opted to help them self I would have sunk way over 30 hours in to this game and I have loved every minute of it, and dig the performance shop, I finally caved in and brought in on sale on the eShop and I don't regret that purchase at all.

2) Urban Trails Playground

This motobike game is not my usual style of gaming but I brought it and figured I would give it a shot and I actually struggle to put it down I am going through the game at the moment and trying to collect all the chips and complete all the challenges and I am really enjoying that.

3) Lego City Undercover

Chase is back in Lego City and is hunting down Rex Fury in a world made of Lego I really do enjoy this style of child's game it brings back memories of playing the lego games on the PC back in the day.

4) Garfield Kart Racing.

This is another one of those fun kart racing games but don't let that make you think you will kick my ass if we're playing co-op I have the home turf advantage and that's the fact these controls are a little reversed than Mario Kart, so good luck and god speed to you if that's how your floating in the Garfield world.

5) Cars 3 Driven To Win.

Cars 3 what more can I say this full of fun and a great kids game and adult kids game too I really do enjoy this game quite a lot and I was happy to pay the money out for it digitally.

So in conclusion.

So I hope that gives you a idea of what I have with my switch lite as a EDC essential I honestly think that's a very minimal set up for my Nintendo switch lite for travelling and commuting it's very hard to pick what games to actually carry with me when it comes to actual games cause I have so many Nintendo Switch Games it's hard to actually pick so narrowing it down to eight or nine is bloody hard. I think I have crafted a good set up for me but the Switch Lite for most commuters who even have a remote interest in gaming it should be a EDC staple in your bag, I know I often carry so much gear though but my switch lite neatly fits in the front pocket of the Mono FlyBy.

I want to be lite with what I pack which is, why I chose the slim case, the skull and co case and 8 games because I want a slim line pack and carry, and because the TomToc isn't much bigger than the actual switch lite it's self it provides that for me and that also ensures that my switch is protected and that's important to me.