Well I don't know what it's like in the rest of the world but ever felt like you've been hunting a unicorn and your down and out for the count? Like you've hit them with your best shot but your still down for the count? Well welcome to my life.

On the launch weekend of the MacBook Air's in Australia, I was shocked to see that my local JB actually got some base models, but sadly due to the time in travel and the work schedule of mine which I keep which is pretty hectic to say the least I missed out on the base model, but the fact that they nuked the base model didn't really upset to me to the fact I missed out on it, that's just how the cookie crumbled.

I ended up ordering a MacBook Air M2 Midnight 512GB from my local JB and much credit to their efforts, I still can't get my hands on that MacBook Air.

It seems like the MacBook Air's are becoming these unicorns that are just extremely hard to hunt down and get your hands, even Apple stores are struggling with stock and that just puzzles me.

I think personally like most launches this was a relatively soft launch and that the stock is so delayed it's beyond a joke, I even got a email it's been 21 Days would you like to review this? Yes it's been 21 days but I don't got it to review, I am not going to be that person that drops a review about how I am waiting for stock, cause some one has already done that lol 😂 .