Please note: Once again I am not sponsored by OrbitKey or Milligram and all thoughts and experiences are MY OWN.

So it's clear that you've come here excepting something and getting something else and I am sorry but it's all in honesty if you don't have one of these on your desk it's time to change the way you work, study, play.

I got to the point where I caved in to the pressure of wanting one of these that I brought the large which I clearly knew in the store that it would be too big for my desk but I made anyway I brought a new Monitor clamp stand and hooked the monitor on to the clamp stand on the back of my desk once I worked out the kinks of the clamp stand it was good to go with my brand new LG 32" Monitor didn't plan it that way it just kind of happened to be honest. Now I am not going to give you my thoughts totally on the sizing or so fourth that's going to be another blog article and that's going to be one that you guys should love!

Time to bust some myths first hand or my personal experiences.

1) Mouse Tracking is hard - it's slow and unresponsive

  • Has not be my experience it was a little hard with some of the settings on my G305 but the moment I upped the DPI on the mouse it was easily fixed to be perfectly honestly you possibly just need a better mouse if your having issues with the mouse working as it should.

2) It moves - It doesn't sit still.

  • I think if you've got a glossy desk finish that could clearly be the case, but I have a matte finish desk on my Lami Desk by Artiko Designs and I have never experienced movement and there's not like it's got overly heavy stuff to hold it down as I only use a MX KEYs keyboard and that's a very light weight keyboard.

3) It makes my typing louder.

  • Definitely a claim I haven't noticed I find it dampens the sound of my typing but I will admit I don't really notice the sound of my typing all that much as I have Bose SoundLink Revolve+ off to the side of the desk or sitting on my Desk Mat so I am generally focusing on the music to be quite honest.

I like the finish of the desk mat and it feels like a luxury product and I am happy to have introduced it in to my main non studio desk as I know it's changing the way I work and how I manage to be more product and I love the tool bar my tool bar usually holds my OrbitKey Key Organiser in Maple Red, Pico Ballpoint by Lamy in Neon Orange, Fountian Pen of the Day (Pilot Kakuno) & Ohto Horizon Mech Pencil 0.5mm. And that keeps the desk looking very clean.

Off to my left and right of the of the desk mat I have on my left my Apple Watch Charger which generally can be found with a Apple docked on it when I am sitting at the desk most of the time, and then you've got a Alogic Wireless Charging Pad in Space Grey, and down the middle is my last metal cable management magnet with the cable for the headphones of choice which is at the moment ATH-M60x, use to be the M40x but the headphone cable didn't change just the headphones attached to them.

I don't find it gets overall dirty which is a good thing to be honest with you and that's just a fact of life, I possibly want a couple more of the Orbit Magnets for cable management yes there's a lot going on the desk and I don't think that's a negative to be honest.

I guess my only kind of con is that the nest doesn't grip as well to the mat as it could to be honest and that's a really small con compared to what else could be considering cons but there aren't any that come to mind to be perfectly frank but there's definitely going to be more things posted about the OrbitKey Desk Mat. I think the NEST accompanies this mat very well though and that's definitely a plus.