I am often asked by people what I use for easy connection to my computer to read memory cards, as many computers no longer have a card reader that comes stock.

I need to get content off my devices in a quick and timely manner and I need a card reader that has no bulk to it and no let downs.

These are my two go to card readers:

Sandisk Imagemate Pro card reader - This one retailed for around $75.00 in Australia and I think at the time when I purchased it it was basically the only card reader I could find that wasn't one of those generic uselsss INCA branded ones.

Alogic Ultra Mini USB C - This is a ultra portable pocket sized card reader which is good for stashing in your tech bag or camera bag when you need something get you out of the dodge, it's still got really good speeds and that's definitely a massive bonus card readers are becoming more and more needed as we start to see the card readers disappear from our favourite devices.