So I live in Echuca and it's quite unusual to be down on the banks of the RIVER and seeing a some one operating a drone. Drones can be used for good but if you don't understand the concept of a drone I can understand why they seem scary to you and within good reason to be honest and perfectly frank with you.

Drones are becoming more common out in the world we live with the price of drones even dropping making it more likely that a drone operator will be out in the community, just because a drone is in the air doesn't mean the said drone is recording, and that's part of the miscommunication with people - that we are always recording.

Take off is a vital part of the the drone, and that involves getting in to the air, I rock a 128gb Samsung EVO card in the back of my drone and never have I filled that card, but I don't shoot in fancy 4K resolution cause I don't have the need to and I don't have the ability to on my drone and I don't miss that to be honest, I am happy working with 1080 footage, I definitely have the ability to edit 4K with my computing rig but once again I am not sweating the small stuff.

But I am often in the air for 10 to 15 minutes before I hit the "RECORD" because weather that being seeing how far I can push the drone - like distance and interference with in the "AO" area of operations, framing the shot, framing the video or just avoiding getting the public in to frame. I am always aware of the privacy around people, if some one is in my shot, or I believe that I can't get the shot without people in it, I will return to the ground.

Being out there with a drone is no small thing some of these drones can reach a top of speed of 20+ plus kms a hour so you need to be well aware of the situation around you, birds, water, people, boats, aircraft, other drone operators.

I guess what I am trying to say in this post is you've got to be aware of the drones that operate but not only that, you've got to be extremely cautious as a drone operator of your surroundings and every thing that is going in the environment around you.

Especially in Echuca like flying a drone in a area, is no easy task - especially if your going for something different like over water shots and stuff like that you've always got to be connected and aware of the surroundings related and relative to the drone. One of the added safety measures I take is ensuring that I have a landing pad on the ground - to indicate to people that a drone is landing and it also makes it a bit of a awareness thing which isn't a bad idea in a lot of cases.