We're talking about the Yeti, so every one who knows me knows that I am a major bottle fan and I live for the life of the bottle, weather it's riding, walking, commuting, and every day life to stay hydrated it's important that you have a decent bottle - It's also more environmentally friendly having something like the Yeti than plastic bottles and mother earth will thank you. Thousands of bottles end up in landfill each year and half the time not even recycling cause people aren't that environmentally conscious and it definitely sucks.

What the Yeti? Yeti is a drinkware, cooler/esky company that bring quality to the Australian Market but it's most definitely not without the premium price tag though in the Australian market they manage to maintain competitive prices based on other brands such as Kinto, Frank Green, HydraFlask and other companies, but Does Yeti have the Edge? Yes Yeti has the edge!

Yeti's are kind of HIP, kind of Yuppie market for a lot of people and that's what they view them as and I think you get what you pay a lot of people say to me that you can find better for cheaper, I am yet to find that especially in the Australian Market.

The Yeti brand offers a name that I have come to be able to trust when I am out and about and need to hydrate but it's true that some of their bottles might be a bit big for some of the spaces where you normally put bottles I was actually surprised when I could fit my 36oz in King Crab Orange in the Boundary Supply bag that is fast becoming EDC for me personally.

The coating on the Yeti Bottles are easy to grip, however the Metallic coated bottles can get a little hot to touch in direct sunlight which isn't surprising but it is good to just note that hot to touch doesn't effect the coldness of the liquid contents in side your Yeti. If your constantly in direct sunlight or a active person on a bike like me it might be good to switch from a metallic bottle but at the end of the day, you do you boo.

Yeti's Rambler system lids are some of the most diverse lids you will find that will fit a large range of their rambler bottles, no matter what your experience is with Yeti or your drinking style there's truly a bottle for everyone in the Yeti range and a lid for every one in the Yeti range. I strongly believe that the MagDock Lid is one of the best I have tried for cycling especially those dirt trials though the straw lid is maybe the safest... but that's for you to decide it's your riding style :)

Yeti's are built tough as nails for those that are ready to conquer the daily and I have seen though in all honestly, the lids have started to get some nicks and show signs of minor wear but the lids are easily replaceable which isn't a problem.

In my experience from a full day of 8am to 3pm the Yeti has no problems keeping the liquid cold even on a 40 degrees day in a Victorian Aussie Summer and that's a fact of life, but ideally if your rocking a 26oz that should possible be drunk before 3pm lol cause as I will tell any one in a active lifestyle Hydration is KEY.

Yeti - Yeti has truly designed a size of bottle to suit every one no matter your drinking needs I am sure that you will find a Yeti to suit your needs and your lifestyle.

Sam " Dude take the bottle off the bike and make sure it's in the sun nothing is worse than hot water " Nathan " It's a Yeti dude, it will be COLD fore ages mate" John " It's a yeti she'll be right mate" Any normal bottle the first thing I would have done was take the bottle off the bottle cage and put in to somewhere where it would keep some what cool compared to direct sunlight but with the Yeti I knew I didn't have to worry (18oz Yeti Rambler fits most bottle cages, with the Triple Haul Lid or MagDock Lid.) It also should be noted that the smaller 12oz would also fit a bottle cage on most bikes.

The Yeti Brand has proven to be a solid solution for me and when I am on the go, it's now becoming more and more apparent that the bottles I am reaching for when I am heading out the door is going to be a Yeti and not my Hydra or my Frank Green. I might do a head to head on these in another article cause I know you guys have been waiting for this article for a few weeks!

Conclusion: Yeti is the brand to have in your life if your active and value cold WATER on the go then the Yeti is the bottle for you, if you value quality the Yeti brand is for you. If you value durability and a system that is adaptable then the Yeti Ramblers are for you and should be what you are sinking your teeth in to. Yeti is worth every cent of your hard earned money!