Well I am going to be the first one to tell you I don’t have a every day carry power bank, actually I do but bare with me and let me explain what my EDC power banks. It’s no surprise when I tell you, needing power on the fly isn’t anything new to me or anything new to any one but it seems like our phones and iPads are getting more powerful but Power Banks are still being held back with their charging technology in most cases but that’s okay don’t let me get side tracked her this is a story for another article.

It’s no secret that Cygnett are my power banks of choice and even my cables of choice in most cases and that’s for good reason.

I would love to say that I can rock something that can fast charge all my devices but I don’t have that luxury yet and that’s okay it happens.

So there’s three power banks I carry as every day carry but I only carry two of these at any time and there’s some reasoning behind this one, two of them fairly similar and I just rotate between them based on what is fully charged.

This is my 5K Pocket power bank, which is the Cygnett Boost V2 5000mAh Power Bank this has USB A out, USB C in and out and allows you charge two devices, it's great for when you are on the run and need to charge something while the device remains connected to you in your pocket it makes this part of the job easy as. This power bank from is able to charge a S22 Ultra to around 50%, though I will admit not fast, but hey it's charges non the less, with the super charging speeds that these new fangled phones require I kind of feel like this some where, where power banks are slowly getting left behind. I feel like that is a story for another day when I have more time up my sleeve to write to my hearts content. For $40.00 this is possibly one of the very few power banks you will find that is rocking that USB C in and out most of the budget power banks we've come across in our testing have been still using that Micro USB (U Son Of A B*TCH). I feel like in 2022, nothing has a reason to still be using that MICRO USB unless it came out prior to USB C.

The first larger one I carry is Cygnett V2 20K Power Bank , this one retails for $79.95 and I think it poses really good value it's got a good weigh and heft to it due to the power, USB C that doubles as a IN and Out which is the same reason I love the smaller version of the boost and two USB A's as OUTs so you can charge 3 devices. USB C delivers 15W and the USB A deliver 12W each, I possibly wouldn't charge a fast charging device over USB A from this power bank I would take advatange of the additional 3W of power that is found on the USB C port.

The second one I could carry is Cygnett ChargeUp Rapid, this one rocks one 20W USB C, 12W USB C and 2 quick charge USB A ports it's unclear what the total out put of those are but the two USB C on this power bank is a time saver considering most of the cables that I am generally carrying on the daily are USB C as that's just the way of life for me.

Honestly I would carry the small 5K and one of the larger one’s it just depends on what is fully charged and ready to take on the road for the day, so it’s really not one is better than the other, the larger banks will all charge the phone regardless.

I think it really just depends on your purpose and what you need out of the power bank that you carry, like at the end of the day I like to have more juice than I will actually need in most cases cause I like to plan for the unexpected.