Oct 05, 2023

There's a new contender in the high end rollerball game, that's going head to head with the swift by Lamy, and I am not sure that's a bad thing but, I can say one thing the Ystudio rollerballs are toned down and some impressive earth related colors, but I am not totally sold on the concept of the Ystudio.

I am not going to lie this is my first Ystudio pen and I don't think it will be my last to be honest with you, though I am not totally sold on the concept of this pen and there's a few reasons. Suncorp market that their cards are made from 82% recycled plastic and this pen is made from recycled netting and that reduces carbon emissions by 83% and that's good for the planet which is good for us.

It sports a solid brass core which give the pen a good weight for writing and I can't fault the weight of the pen and that's definitely a good thing to be honest with you, a weighty pen makes it easier to write with but the ystudio biggest con is the Fine refill that they have isn't really that fine, it's smooth don't get me wrong, like don't be fooled it's a smooth pen with smooth writing action however, I prefer writing with something fine, like a 0.4 or 0.3 is what feels natural to me to be honest, like it's a euro standard refill so it's not going to be impossible to source something fine. Kaweco make a 0.4 refill that would fit this pen without any issues. However it's shipped with a Schmidt 888F black, which doesn't feel overly fine or smooth for me but every one's writing style will be different and that's just a fact of life with you right there.

A quick google search would tell me that the Schmidt 888F black (Easily sourced refill, Fine, Medium tip sizes. ) would tell me that they consider a fine to be 0.6mm, that would be considered the universal standard for a nib size, for a fine pen any way but I generally don't write fine if you ask anyone I like extra fine so I am generally writing with a EF some times I switch it up to a fine in Kaweco which is 0.5mm, so I tend to prefer to write with anything 0.5 or under to be honest with you. However Jack and I did some experimental work at Milligram on Bourke Street (Thanks Jack and Cathy for the outstanding service as always!)

We put it through the test, using a Zebra Pop 0.4 that I had in my pocket, the 0.4 cartridge from here also fits in the glamor and that's definitely not a bad and that's what actually put me over the line with this pen.

Honestly I don't know where the pen fits in to my rotation but it's definitely a cool design with a cool understanding behind it and a good environmental impact statement. Companies who support environmental impact and stand behind environment causes and uses recycled materials definitely always get my vote and that's a fact of life.

The colors are earth tone based with Dawn Yellow, Sky Blue (The unit I got), Evening Purple, Sea Indigo - there's a color in the earth tones there for every one it's possibly a shock I didn't go for a yellow one but the sky blue actually spoke to me to be honest with you, and I can see myself actually using that one. Cathy referred to this as a "desk pen" while the weighted body and the price point makes it most likely a desk pen to be honest with you, I think it would fit right at home in a planner or a compendium as well, I don't know how I would use this pen yet but I can tell you it won't be going to work with me.

There's a lot to be considered when purchasing a high end pen like this, and the next biggest con is the name of the pen doesn't roll off the tip of your tongue. glamour evolve ocean sustainable rollerball pen, would have been better to use something like Glamour Ocean Sustainable or even just Glamour Sustainable, would roll off the tip of your tongue much easier and for me that's definitely a winner chicken dinner.

I think there's a lot of purpose behind the pen and that's definitely not a bad thing, I like products with a meaning and a good concept. It's presented in a nice gift box which is a added bonus, and the pens hexagon body makes comfort a breeze based on first impressions there's minimal branding and that's on the pen cap, and the pen cap does post to the body, adding a little bit of extra weight it's the brass core that is going to be the main weight of the pen and that comes across quite well here. I am not doubting the weight of the pen.

Conclusion: I think this is a solid pen on my first impressions of the pen, however I think they could have chosen a better refill for the pen, I think the EURO cartridges are not really standardized enough for most people, like it's not something I can walk in to my local office supply shop for, but yet again neither is a Lamy refill, but I think it's a interesting concept with some good factors in terms of things but I think it doesn't remain competitive enough to survive in the marker unless I can find a stand out feature that makes me go WOW.

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