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Geeknik Labs (& Farm) is an unaffiliated security research lab located upon the rural farmland of central Oklahoma. Our primary mission is to make the Internet safer for everyone, near and far. We believe that all technology contains flaws and that the public plays a crucial role in identifying these flaws. 100% of our funding comes from bug bounties, research grants, private donations and the generosity of strangers. Our research into open source software alone has helped better secure the likes of OpenSSL, Firefox, PHP, Perl, libxml2, libpng, PuTTY, tcpdump, libcurl, and more, resulting in almost 200 security advisories since 2016.

To help support our mission, we also operate a spicy pepper farm where we grow Jalapeno, Habanero , and Ghost Pepper, along with many other varieties. Please consider buying us a coffee or three to show your support.

If you're really into what we're doing, please consider a monthly or yearly membership. Thank you.