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Hey, I’m Lewis Potter, a junior doctor and the founder of Geeky Medics, an online medical education platform. I started this project over 9 years ago, back when I was a fourth-year medical student frustrated that online medical education could be better. I certainly didn’t anticipate that I’d still be working on my little blog all these years later, but I’m really glad to be here. 

Because of the growing demands of the Geeky Medics platform, I've decided to take a year out of my GP training to go full-time on the project for the next 12 months.

Any support, be that a donation here, or a purchase of our app subscription would be hugely appreciated. These funds help to support the ongoing creation of free content for everyone.

Thanks everyone!


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just got exam results today and I want to thank you, your resources were INVALUABLE in this quest of mine, o child of Middle Earth 

All we have to decide is what we do with the time that is given to us. You CAN pass.

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Thank you SO much!

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this site has been a god send over the past 6 years, thank you so much 

I really appreciate your kind words and generosity!

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Thanks, I really appreciate your support, it means a lot  :)

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Thanks so much!