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Hey, I’m Lewis Potter, a junior doctor and the founder of Geeky Medics, an online medical education platform. I started this project 10 years ago, back when I was a fourth-year medical student frustrated that online medical education could be better. I certainly didn’t anticipate that I’d still be working on my little blog all these years later, but I’m really glad to be here. 

Because of the growing demands of the Geeky Medics platform, I've had to switch to part-time training to provide myself with a couple of days a week to keep moving Geeky Medics forward. I'm currently on a hospital rotation in Haematology and Oncology and it's certainly proving a challenge to balance this alongside the Geeky Medics workload. 

Any support, be that a donation here, or a purchase of our app subscription would be hugely appreciated. These funds help to support the ongoing creation of free content for the entire community.

Thanks everyone!


Kate bought a coffee.

Geeky Medics has been a constant source of support throughout medical school and recently passed my finals! Thank you so much 😍 

Spencer Horemans
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Luke Reilly
Luke Reilly bought a coffee.

The least I could do! When I pass my finals, I promise to come back and donate a whole heap more.

Luke, you're a legend, had a tough day at work in the hospital today and this comment and your kind donation have cheered me up massively. Thanks so much and best of luck with the studies, I'm sure you'll pass finals no problem! 

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Elcin Yardimci
Elcin Yardimci bought a coffee.

Hey Elcin, thank you for the kind donation, I really appreciate it!