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Hey there,

Thanks for checking out my page!

My name is Mike Wuetherick, I'm a solo indie dev working on a turn-based RPG called 'Dystopia Wars':

Dystopia Wars is a cyberpunk RPG set in a colorful dystopian future, Players will explore the open world, meeting Fixers, building up their crew and running missions in the Sprawl.

You can find out more on the official site:

I'm semi-regularly blogging about some of the tech and workflows that I'm using for the game at and posting dev 'vlog' videos up on the game's Youtube channel

I've also created and maintain a number of open source Unity packages on OpenUPM and Github under the 'Pixel Wizards' org:

Or you can find out what else I'm working on on github as well:

My day job is at Unity, where I've been helping to lead a wide range of productions, including the Adam Episode 2 & 3 projects with Oats Studios.