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Hello there! We are GEMINI'S DAUGHTER & ORLON DOG!

A team of artists, an ILLUSTRATOR and a STORY ARTIST, who dream of telling our tales to the world.


¡Hola amigues! ¡Nosotros somos GEMINI'S DAUGHTER & ORLON DOG!

Un equipo de artistas, una ILUSTRADORA y un STORY ARTIST, quienes sueñan en contar sus propias historias al mundo. 


Well, this might be a bit silly. The way I met Orlon, I mean. One cannot imagine that your life and work partner is waiting for you in a roleplaying group.

When I joined for the first time, we clicked because of our long conversations, our plans to our different characters and stories. Before we realized, we were writting and weaving them together! In the blink of an eye, we had started creating entire worlds.

And that love of telling stories is what ended up bringing us together.

It was, and still is, fascinating to me how Orlon is able to immerse me in a story, helping my imagination run wild and flow in the moments when I find myself running dry on ideas. He always tells me how much he loves the way I bring our ethereal stories and characters into reality using design, colour and expression.


Death Dancers is my side of the story, in this huge world we have created together. A collection of 5 stories focusing on the relationship of its protagonists with something that ties all of them, and even all of us, together: Death.

The first of these is "REQUIEM", the journey of Núvol Lasnamorë, daughter to a great General and proud member of a nation that no longer exists. Tortured by the visions of that One Night when she lost everything, and teased by the empty spaces in her memory, REQUIEM is the story of her long travesy back Home in search for answers, of what happened exactly that night, and how did the great nation of Mussol fall to ruin and destruction.

It's a story of coping with loss and misforture, depression and trauma. The journey to actual healing, and how to become a better person after feeling that you can no longer get back up. All this, of course, with a touch of High Fantasy.


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