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Hey all, Here are a few new blog posts I've shared in the past couple of weeks worth checking out! We need to be better at celebrating AFLW milestonesLooking at what is a reasonable milestone in AFLW, and why we need to celebrate these louder. Rivalries born in the AFLWWhich three rivalries are genuine AFLW creations? AFLW Player Focus: Brianna DaveyThis is the first of a new series of quick posts focused in on various players, kicking off with Brianna Davey. Hope you... more

Aug 31

Brisbane Lions podcast mini-series

Hey friends! I recently released back-to-back episodes of I See It But I Don't Believe It all about the Brisbane Lions. One in all in: Brisbane’s ’21 AFLW flag with Breeanna Brock (Brisbane Lions) I had the privilege of speaking with Brisbane Lions’ Women’s CEO Breeanna Brock about the club’s journey toward their maiden AFLW flag, and the challenges the group had to overcome. (This one was also a written article published on Siren). Voss from 55 with Sean... more

Aug 02

AFLW 2021 Draft Wrap

Hey all! On Wednesday I published my comprehensive AFLW draft wrap. Check it out! AFLW 2021 Draft Wrap on Play On Radio

Jul 29

AFLW Player development: how the Demons are getting it right

Hey friends, Just sharing with you my newest piece for Siren, all about Melbourne's AFLW list build and player development. Hope you enjoy!

Jun 13

AFLW Trade & Sign period

Hey friends! The AFLW Trade & Sign period kicks off on Monday, so I've gone through team-by-team and looked at what sort of players they should be targeting. Check it out! Thanks again for your support ✌🏼

May 27

AFLW 2021 Season Review

Hey friends! Check out my AFLW 2021 season review, team by team. It's available in Part One and Part Two over at Play On Radio ✌🏼 Thanks again for your support! Gemma.

May 14

Miller and Cooper: 'It comes down to confidence'
Review: AFLW Preliminary Finals 2021
Review: AFLW Grand Final 2021
Podcast: Footy, actually (with Rana Hussain)
AFLW 2021 Season Review